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    Horticultural Manager
    (10 - 15 yrs.)
    Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
    Keywords: Horticultural Manager,cultivation,maintenance,grading,plan planting,fertilizer,herbicides,cultivating techniques,shearing,weeding,harvesting trees,clogged sprinklers,control systems,shrubs,plants,greenhouses
    Role Purpose: <p><strong>Detailed Job Description</strong></p><p>1- Assigns workers to duties, such as cultivation, maintenance, and grading.</p><p>2-Estimates work-hour requirements to plant, cultivate, and prepare work schedules.</p><p>Confers with management to report conditions, plan planting, and discuss changes in fertilizer,</p><p>herbicides, or cultivating techniques.</p><p>3-Maintains records of employees' hours worked, and work completed.</p><p>4-Prepares and submits written or oral reports of personnel actions, such as performance</p><p>evaluations.</p><p>5-Trains employees in horticultural techniques, such as transplanting and weeding, shearing</p><p>and harvesting trees, and grading.</p><p>6-Inspects facilities to determine maintenance needs, such as malfunctioning environmental-</p><p>control systems, clogged sprinklers</p><p>7-Observes plants, shrubs, and trees in greenhouses, cold frames, or fields to ascertain their</p><p>condition.</p><p>8-Set the standards and manage Horticultural Services to ensure the service provided meets the</p><p>current and foreseeable future needs.</p><p>9-Understand new and improving technologies and techniques, implementing those that bring</p><p>added opportunities.</p><p>10-To be accountable for the effective, efficient, and safe operation of the current plants'</p><p>standards of cleanliness and hygiene are maintained, environmental controls are appropriate,</p><p>and timely and appropriate repairs, maintenance, and minor works are done to maximize</p><p>continuity of service.</p><p>11-To ensure that the risk of plant loss is minimized through care and attention to detail, that</p><p>there is effective pest and disease control in plant growth facilities, and that control programs</p><p>are properly implemented in coordination with the needs.</p><p>12-Ensure all legal requirements including containment, health, safety, and the environment</p><p>are managed.</p>

    MEP Manager-Hotel Projects Experiences
    (15 - 19 yrs.)
    Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia
    Keywords: MEP Manager, Mep, MEP Coordination, Mechanical, Electricals, Plumbing, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
    Role Purpose: Assist the Project Manager with the negotiating and awarding of MEP Subcontract packages. To assist in finalizing M, E & P Subcontract documents and Scope of Work Issues. Continually review the subcontractor’s material procurement status against the requirement of the Programmes. Set up the necessary systems for reviewing, submitting, and approving of M, E and P subcontractor(s) submissions including samples, drawings, technical details etc. Liaise closely with M, E and P subcontractors and in-house teams on all procurement and technical aspects of their works and identity any potential delays. Follow up on critical lead times or trade activities and advise the Project Manager / Project Director of any potential problems. To coordinate and work closely with the Civil Construction Manager and his team to ensure a smooth transfer of information from the office to the field. Assist in appointing a suitable M, E and P support team. Manage regular technical coordination meetings with the subcontractors and consultants as required. Establish a good working relationship with the consultant. Maintain the design changes that may occur and keep the Project Manager always informed of any adverse cost implication. Maintain VO register for the various trade packages. Review and certify/ sign off M, E and P subcontractor(s) progress claims in accordance with their Subcontract Agreements and to advise the Procurement and Contracts Department in this regard. Assist the head of Procurement and Contracts department with progress claims about M, E and P Subcontractor(s). Prepare and agree a testing and commissioning programme with the Subcontractors and the Consultants. Ensure that QA procedures are in place and that the necessary documentation is received correctly from the subcontractor(s). Monitor and review builders work in connection with services and advise the Construction Manager of potential problems.

    SR. Mechanical Site Engineer
    (10 - 13 yrs.)
    Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia
    Keywords: Mechanical Engineering, SR. Mechanical Site Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Mechanical Site Engineer, Site Engineering, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Qa/Qc
    Role Purpose: Plan, organize, supervise and coordinate all engineering activities and permanent and temporary works designs / activities, and ensure compliance with technical and commenced contractual obligations. Liaise with Consultant, statutory authorities and technical representatives from other organizations as needed. Liaise with the other Site Engineers and Supervisors to ensure proper co-ordination of the site engineering including provide records and reports on all activities or non-conformances. Assist in programming of all site engineering activities with the Planning Engineer and Construction Manager/Project Engineer. Assess subcontractor/supplier QC performance / arrangements for compliance with contract requirements. Ensure key dates are achieved for preparation and submission (where appropriate) of quality procedures, inspection and test plans etc. Implement, control, check on safety matters and initiate changes for improvement including maintaining site security and accident report book. Acquaint section personnel with QC requirements and arrangements in place to achieve them. Control all QC documents / records and ensure they are produced and stored by the Document Controller in a readily retrievable manner. Provide regular reports and analysis of QC performance to QA/QC Manager Carry out random spot checks on product quality being achieved and report results/make suggestion for improvements, if appropriate To maintain and foster good relationship with Client’s representatives and all subcontractors. Initiate all necessary sampling and testing. Encourage subcontractors to maintain good housekeeping and safe environment. Assist in the development and maintenance of Company systems. Other duties as directed.

    Planning cum Cost Control Engineer
    (10 - 14 yrs.)
    Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia
    Keywords: Planning Engineer, Cost Control Engineer, Cost controller, Project Budget, Project cost, Project planning, Estimation, Forecasting, Planning
    Role Purpose: Planning and Scheduling * Lead the development of project schedules and identify product and service activities during project execution. * Develop and apply work breakdown structures. * Aggregate information from engineers, subcontractors, owners, and others to create an integrated master schedule. * Identify critical paths using critical float path analysis. * Create graphics including Gantt charts, activity network diagrams, time-scaled logic diagrams, and histograms. * Establish and manage a project performance management system using baseline information in the estimate and schedule to determine earned value. * Work with project management to set goals, objectives, and success factors and analyze project status. * Assess progress measurement and develop/update progress curves for project reporting. * Prepare project schedules based on defined project execution philosophies. * Maintain and update schedules and forecasts to reflect the project changes and trends. * Prepare weekly and monthly reports Cost Control * Perform the recasting of the project estimate into the Project Budget. * Create cost items and assign cost items to procurement items. * Ensure that all procurement packages have been assigned a Budget, correctly cost coded and that the total assigned Budget for all packages is in balance with the Total Project Budget. * Coordinate project changes and maintains the project change register. * Perform the preparation and maintenance of the variations register to ensure proper coding and Budget allocation. * Add interface and integrate cost data with financial data, commitment tracking, and charge number management to the cost section. * Coordinate the progress reporting of purchase and construction contracts in order to calculate accruals for period-end reporting. * Coordinate the forecast of the final cost for all procurement packages pre- and post-award based on cost trends and other forecasting methods. * Ensure integrity of the database and run the monthly cost accounting and forecasting reports.
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